Available positions

Toony Studios is an independent studio, producer of visual creation,

television series and feature films with international reach.

The studio is now looking for exceptional technical and artistic talents.

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3D Character designer

Toony studios is looking for a 3D graphic designer specializing in Chara Design.

He will be in charge of 3D modeling and texturing.

At least 2 years of experience as a 3D artist.

Excellent communication skills

Mastery of 2D creation tools (Photoshop, Clip studio paint)

Mastery of 3D sculpting (Zbrush)

Mastery of 3D creation tools (Maya)

Mastery of 3D Cloth (Marvelous designer)

Mastery of Substance Painter, Substance Designer or equivalent


Thorough knowledge of human and animal anatomy

A good understanding of the theory of 3D computer graphics (SSS, textur maps, render

passes, realistic skin, NPR and BPR rendering) and creation of characters for 3D animation.

A good understanding of volumes, shapes, structures and physical movements.

Ability to create models for animation.

Ability to quickly master custom production tools in-house.

Design a 2D character model and produce models and characters while respecting the 2D concept.

Provide proxy models for integration, create an HD model in Zbrush and texture to

apply and give color to the characters and generate maps to create textures in Substance.

Create efficient and user-friendly low polygon models for animation or play.

Export models and textures to the engine and make sure they work properly

Texture retouching after engine integration to optimize quality.

Clean scanned data

Occasionally create hard surface accessories and assets

Work in close collaboration with the technical director, designers,

Art Director to learn and master production constraints, artistic directives and chronology